CG Jung on anima and animus

« The archetype is a force. It has an autonomy and it can suddenly seize you. It is like a seizure. Falling in love at first sight is something like that. You see, you have a certain image in yourself, without knowing it, of woman, of the woman. Then you see that girl, or at least a good imitation of your type and instantly you get a seizure and you are gone.

And afterwards you may discover that it was a hell of a mistake. A man is quite able, he is intelligent enough, to see that the woman of his « choice », as one says, was no choice, he has been caught! He sees that she is no good at all, that she is a hell of a business, and he tells me so. He says: « For God’s sake, doctor, help me to get rid of that woman! » He can’t, though, he is like clay in her fingers.
That is the archetype, the archetype of the anima.

It’s the same with the girls. When a man sings very high, a girl things he must have a very wonderful spiritual character because he can sing high C, and she is badly disappointed when she marries that particular number. Well, that’s the archetype of the animus. »

C.G. Jung

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